Terms and conditions of sale

What is Dilytics?

DILYTICS Sàrl is an accounting firm operating in the fields of accounting and taxation, business consulting and development. As such, it welcomes all types of clients, private or institutional. It accompanies them in the administrative, accounting, and fiduciary activities of their business throughout Switzerland and France.

Fields of activity

The fields of activity of DILYTICS are diverse and include:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Fiscal domiciliation
  • Board Membership
  • Tax return
  • Audit
  • Administrative management
  • HR management
  • Management of properties (PPE)
  • Tax, financial and management consulting

Non-contractual offer

Sur demande, DILYTICS établit une offre assimilable à un devis. Les Parties fixent ensemble les tâches que DILYTICS doit accomplir. Il s’agit d’un cahier des charges approximatif, qui peut être mis à jour en tout temps. L’offre faite par DILYTICS est également approximative, en ce sens qu’en cas de demandes supplémentaires, DILYTICS pourra également modifier le prix initial.

Contractual offer

The mandate according to the Swiss Code of Obligations is the contract which initiates the start of the service. In the case of a written contract, DILYTICS is obliged to carry out the tasks mentioned in the contract from the date agreed upon at the time of signing. In principle, the monthly instalments to be paid by the customer represent the monthly accounting instalments to be entered and processed, unless further requests are made.

Additional claims also include unpaid and unpaid accounting instalments prior to the signing of the contract which DILYTICS must make up following the signing of which the customer is aware.

Additional work not covered by the contract is charged at CHF 180 per hour of work.

Unless otherwise stated, the offers issued by DILYTICS that are posted online are presented exclusive of tax. The VAT of 7.7% is then applied to the invoices.

Obligations of the Parties

The parties are obliged to strictly follow the tasks in the basic offer.

In particular, the customer must pay the price on the agreed dates. Furthermore, the customer must inform DILYTICS on a daily basis of any changes that may affect its business.

Recognition of debt

The Parties acknowledge that the contract constitutes an acknowledgement of debt within the sense of Article 82 LP.

Responsibility of the parties

The client acknowledges that in case of delay in the execution of his duties, he will be solely responsible for any fault which may have been committed by DILYTICS.


Termination of the relationship must be in writing and must be justified. DILYTICS is entitled to demand payment for the work done, or at least the administrative costs.


In the event of travel to the customer’s premises, DILYTICS will charge a minimum of CHF 150.00 to cover the cost of travel in the Geneva area.

Price increase

During the course of the contract, if the customer decides to change the tasks to be executed or if the customer requests more from DILYTICS than was specified in the offer, DILYTICS will be entitled to charge an additional fee of CHF 180.00 per hour.

In case of additional fees, DILYTICS will send a statement of its activity to the customer. The latter accepts this without reservation.

Likewise, if the client requests DILYTICS for an immediate and substantial intervention, DILYTICS will be entitled to demand the payment of several months in advance, in order to avoid an early termination of the contract.

Invoicing Policy

Our invoices are payable within 30 days, unless otherwise stated. A reminder will be charged at a fee of CHF 30. Legal proceedings may be instituted and shall be borne by the debtor.

Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The place of jurisdiction is Geneva, where the company has its headquarters. The applicable law is Swiss law.

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