Administrative Support

Breathe and enjoy your free time!

Our experts provide support for all your administrative tasks on a one-off or regular basis.

We free you from paperwork

What exactly is our administrative support service?

We can handle all the administrative tasks you submit to us. This may include dealing with your insurance issues, paying your bills or handling your correspondence. You can assign the following tasks to our team:

  • Drafting of letters
  • Insurance procedures
  • Requesting reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Changing and applying for residence status
  • Contesting and renegotiating debt claims
  • Establishing the inventory of fixtures of your residence
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Managing bills
  • Cancelling contracts

Our comprehensive approach

In addition to administrative support, we provide a wide range of services such as tax advice, inheritance management and tax return.

To put it simply, we relieve you of all your administrative and tax duties.

Why choose Dilytics?

By choosing to work with Dilytics, you will have access to a team with experience in administrative management, accounting and insurance law. Moreover, you will have the possibility to choose the mode of support that suits you best.

For administrative assistance, simply submit your request and we will process it as soon as possible.

You can also be assisted on a regular basis. In this case, we will define with you the tasks you want to delegate to our team. This service can be invoiced as a monthly subscription.

Four-eye check
Each item is reviewed by two experts from our team.
We respond to your requests within 24 hours on workdays.
Our team handles your documents in complete confidentiality.
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We offer administrative support from :

/ hour

No matter what kind of administrative assistance you need, do not hesitate to submit your request to us. We will adapt our support to your expectations and your personal situation.

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