More than an accounting firm

Our team solves your daily challenges, which can involve many dimensions. Our philosophy consists of thinking about your needs.

Who are we?

An accounting firm that helps you realize your ambitions.

At first glance, Dilytics may be perceived as an accounting firm that helps companies and individuals with their tax, administrative and accounting obligations.

In fact, Dilytics is much more than an accounting firm. The company is a partner that helps you achieve your business and financial goals with solutions and advice tailored to your field of activity.

Foundation year1999

We have been working for individuals and companies for 23 years.

Sectors of activity18

Our clients are active in various sectors ranging from catering to asset management.


Our team can communicate in French, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our missions

A tax and accounting support that frees up your time.

A company creation service tailored to the real needs of entrepreneurs.

A team of experts whose priority is to solve your daily problems.

An approach that goes beyond mere assistance and that anticipates your future challenges.

Our unique culture

We are human professionals who provide you with real support.

Laureano Rodrigues, CEO of Dilytics, noticed that traditional accounting firms do not accompany their clients in their daily problems. He did not want to make this mistake with his company.

Dilytics advisors take the necessary time to understand the client’s situation to deliver tailored solutions.

Our experts have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our recruitment policy places great importance on expertise but excludes professionals who have never had extra-curricular activities or who have never worked in different sectors. This is a choice that we fully assume. We want to bring together experts who can propose innovative solutions.

Our Philosophy


Our advisors anticipate your future challenges.


Each case is unique. We adapt to your situation.


Our team is meticulous and strives to excel in its work.


We provide tools that simplify your daily work.

Our History

The two phases of Dilytics.

The history of Dilytics can be divided into two phases. The first one starts in 1999, when Denis Perret decided to establish an accounting firm in Geneva, after having practiced for 15 years as an independent in Neuchâtel. Dilytics is the fruit of his long experience in accountancy. Over the years, the company has built a reputation of being a reliable partner for individuals, independent professionals, and companies in the region.

The second phase started in 2022, when Laureano Rodrigues, a business and tax specialist, took over Dilytics with the intention of modernizing the company while maintaining the spirit of excellence of the early years. Recently, the transition to digital solutions has enabled Dilytics to better support its clients and to deliver analytical accounting and cost control tools.

Cabinet Fiduciaire Lancy fiduciaire Genève

When I started my career as an accountant, I quickly realised that accounting firms did not give importance to the projects of their clients and this frustrated me. Through Dilytics, I want to go beyond the simple accounting support. With my team, I propose a service oriented on concrete solutions and adapted to the expectations of my clients.


I am an accountant for the corporate clients that Dilytics supports. I combine my pragmatism and my thoroughness to provide a tailor-made support that meets all the challenges of business management. I completely identify with the Dilytics philosophy which consists in valuing human capital and continuous training. I can speak French, English and Portuguese.

SME Accounting Manager

Bahadir kok

I joined Dilytics in order to manage a portfolio of diversified clients. As a polyvalent and proactive accountant, I am in charge of keeping the companies' accounts, establishing the financial statements and preparing the different reports. At the same time, I provide payroll services. I am the direct interlocutor to answer the tax, accounting and labor problems that the client may encounter. I can work in French, English and Turkish.


After obtaining my Bachelor's degree from the Geneva School of Business Administration, I accumulated experience as a financial consultant and legal secretary. Having the ambition to put my academic and professional skills to good use, I decided to pursue a career at Dilytics. My ability to listen and my rigor will allow me to be your key contact and advisor. I will answer you in French, English and Portuguese.

Executive Assistant

Gold Partner - Bexio

Dilytics is a Gold Partner of Bexio. This means that our specialists are qualified to integrate this accounting software and train your staff in its use. 

Our network

Our company has a network of partners in Switzerland. The aim of our partnerships is to enable our clients to benefit from a network of trusted experts. 


Member of several associations, our company is also a recipient of the “Responsible Employer 2022” label from the State of Geneva. 

Dilytics Career

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